Just for your information, Lucy Jane absolutely did not have to do this to us; yet she absolutely did it to us. Dropping ‘FYI’, on Aug. 27, brings another track to the growing Lucy Jane Spotify. And this is a creepy-crawly-trappy little creation that has burrowed and set up shop in our ears. This little insect of a track is the first of this species to come from Lucy, so we better check out the characteristics of this latching ear-beetle.

Before we dive into this characterizing of ‘FYI’, we must say art for the track is absolutely stunning and deserves some gas. Glad to see such a crazy little creature with such a catchy appearance to go with it. But back to that sound, Lucy is producing. What makes ‘FYI’ bring such an abrupt feeling is the vibration through the whole thing. The low line is always accompanied by this sensational buzz that literally stimulates the tiny hairs in your ears. The low buzz adapts at each drop; moving to fit the crazy movement on top. It is from the staple low-end buzz that the song builds contrast and energy. The rhythms built on top are done with very clear sound clips. Ones that slice past your ear hairs and lodge in your neck nerves. The song is hitting massively different hearing stimuli, at the same time. So when Lucy Jane cuts the sound in her production, such as when the vocals come in- we feel so inclined to scream them once we know them to try to fill the space of those missing stimuli. It makes the song hard to listen to in public because you like you are holding in a sneeze not yelling the lyrics to fill the void. The insect that is ‘FYI’ is officially WTV classified as gas-light mite:

A track that is parasitic to your ears, because it convinces you to believe that you actually need it to survive- making you think that NOT feeding it all of your listens would be wrong. Derived from the term gas-lighting.

Lucy Jane really brings another look into a seemingly new production style, with ‘FYI’. We are here to continuing hearing it, and really seeing how else this new style will develop. We are about to keep pest control on file though, just in case, she brings any other crazy creatures to fruition. 

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