We are always on the journey of hitting every Columbus Electonic event; so it is no surprise that Wednesday night Thump caught our attention. Three weeks ago, on August 14, we finally checked this event off of our list. My Best Friend’s Party has curated an amazing event for the electronic ears of Columbus, and the growing talent of the 614’s DJ’s. This event has been building for quite some time but still remains a very homey feel. We were very excited to be a part of this event, and are excited to bring it here to you.


My Best Friend’s Party has settled Thump down at Dhalia Nightclub. The Park St. venue is nothing new for us, or this page. What is new, however, is the repurposing of the outdoor section for the Wednesday event. Dhalia closes down the indoor section, other than for the restrooms. This leaves the patio to contain and maintain the whole event. Thump does a nice job of repurposing the center tent/sitting area into a stage (and backstage) that plays to the entire patio. The stage plays to the cement dance floor, assorted seating areas, and throws the sound through all that back to the outdoor bar. There is one tent that is next to the DJ tent, but they keep that reserved for a sort of “VIP” area. Even with that area not being in direct line with the sound, you can hear the music just as well there. The set-up is really the best use of the patio because it assures that anyone there is listening to the DJs that Thump has on the lineup. 


Every week the lineup features Columbus DJs: some returning and some all-new. The week of the 14th featured a lot of faces that are familiar to us. One, however, was marking that Thump as his first public show. BassPro reeled us in for his milestone event, but you know we came early to catch these other local DJs.

Vlex: Threw down that adrenaline pumping bass. Vlex specialized in dubstep but was able to bend the bass into other sounds. 

BK: Switched from the bass to the boots and cats. BK came up with a house set that had a lot of movement. House was sewing the set together, but many different sounds were stitched in along the way.

Carma: Reverse the sound again, as Carma came on with another heavier set. The bass was there, as well as a lot of fan favorites. A set that did not compromise on playing the big energy tracks.

GVNR: This man walked in the door and got on stage. His perfect timing was a foreshadowing of the groovy house transitions he brought. GVNR brought us back to house and let it ride. An artist with great fashion, energy, and love for the music.

BassPro: A long-time friend turning artist, used Thump as a launching off point. BassPro came to the public for the first time and fueled the fires of the night with the smooth gas of house. He demonstrated a polished sound and flow, which only excites us to see the growth to come. 

Done Wells and Needs Work

Thump offers a free 18 and up electronic opportunity to Columbus. Not only is this unique for the fans of Columbus to experience new music from their city, but it also is a phenomenal networking and confidence-building performance for the local talent. Thump is a very unique experience that is very well complimented by the venue created on Dhalia’s patio. Free entry, cheap drinks, the local scene, and growing DJ’s spell for an amazing night.

For such a relaxed event, there isn’t that much Thump is not doing. It is all about the local and welcoming nature, and they capture that well. So we cannot say they are needing to improve on anything they advertise, but we will give a suggestion. Finding a way to incorporate a visual aspect to the show would be a strong addition. Not only is that more stimulating for the crowd, but it also gives the opportunity for a lot of learning experiences. Getting kids interested in visual production involved and learning, as well as starting the DJ’s thinking about their own visuals. Thump is a great opportunity for so many DJ’s to learn and gain confidence, so why not add another learning experience to it (and another group of people who could learn). 

Our first Thump was a great view into the workings of a strong Columbus event. This event is a perfect mid-week reward, and just great little gem of Columbus. My Best Friend’s Party is catering to so many people with this event. We are excited to see it continue, grow, and bring more and more of Columbus to a free night of experiencing Columbus grown EDM.

Until next time.


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