After getting to know the four Russian artists, we were chomping at the bit to see them in action. So we took to Dhalia Nightclub for the debut of the Russian Style tour. It was crazy to see such a powerhouse of talent, from the other side of the world, hitting the CDJs in our neighborhood. We want to thank the DJ teams behind the Russian Style for bringing their talent on a North American tour and more importantly to Columbus. We want to thank their team again for giving us the chance to interview them. Before we hop in we just want to thank Dhalia and the artist relations manager, Collin (Amo), for giving us the opportunity to get backstage and snap the shots featured in the post. 


The hallway nightclub, Dhalia, contained another stellar night of music. We know so much about this venue, from past posts, so we all know it is a narrow dance floor bordered by a bar and an extensive VIP section. The club is always shoulder-to-shoulder inside because it continually brings amazing artists to Columbus. As summer winds down though, be sure to embrace the patio before we are stuck inside the entire night for the winter shows. 


Amo & Corrupt: Two Dhalia pillars took to the stage for a b2b direct support. They warmed the growing crowd up with some joint loosening house. There set was energetic, bouncy, and brought that really strong club vibe. Being backstage let us see the very fluid transitions between the two DJs, as well as there enjoyment for their craft. Corrupt sets seem to be synonymous with Dhalia concerts, which was given a nice twist with the addition of Amo.

Phlegmatic Dogs & VOLAC: Wow. This set marks the start of a fire that will blaze through NA. The four DJs created a carousel of black and white shirts, Stellas, and varying hats, that spun backstage all night. They brought everything they said they were going to, and more. The set was so much music, that cannot be categorized. There was energetic house, heavy hip-hop, bass tracks, and so much more that kept the whole crowd bouncing. The four had extreme talent and synergy, which is a crazy concept: two duos meshing together with ease. The set really was something that we had not experienced anything like before, and are better off now that we did.

Done Wells and Needs Work

Dhalia always gets a “good-job” for packing the house, bringing the talent, and making the best of the small space. Nothing changes from time to time, so there is nothing to crazy to note versus past events. They have it down to a science that works and they stick to it; consistency is a great key to continued success.

One thing that we did see, which we haven’t in the past, is the backstage experience. There are a couple of things that we saw needing work, with this perspective change. Our first problem came due to the security team. There seemed to be a lack of communication or memory that we were media for the event and were permitted backstage. We were given permission to be backstage from the beginning of the event, and yet when we left backstage briefly and went to return we were not permitted. Security told us “not right now”, at first, and then “not anymore” the second time. We had to get Collin’s attention to remind them who we were, which made us feel we were somewhere we weren’t wanted. This feeling wasn’t the best and seemed unnecessary since we had been backstage. 

Our second issue came once we were backstage again for the Russian Style duos. We noticed people kept being invited into the backstage VIP section, even though it was seemingly full. This pressed closer and closer into the artists’ space and to us came off very disrespectful. We loved to see all of them partying, bringing bottles in, and having fun, but the concert is about the artists (at least for us). So it was slightly disheartening to see the boundary between artist space and party space begin to disintegrate as the number of people on the VIP side of backstage grew.

This night was another huge success for us. We got to network and meet Collin (Amo), see some amazing sets, capture some amazing moments, and experience the culture of the artists we interviewed before the debut of their NA tour. We again want to do a brief thank you, before we close. First up, thank you Dhalia Nightclub for being the backdrop to another heater of a night. Next Collin for making sure we got what and where we needed, and for a solid set. In addition to thanking Phlegmatic Dogs and VOLAC, we want to thank their management team and the Night Bass team. The artists’ management made our interview possible, and Night Bass gave us some recognizable faces from Breakaway to hang out with and meet further backstage. And as always, lastly, thank everyone who showed out to this huge show. The first time these artists have been in Columbus and the first show to their Russian Style NA Tour will always be defined by all of us there. 

Until next time.


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