Coming to the page first collaborating with WTV fam member, Christian Bistany, on ‘Acid Warriors’. A post which not only lead to us learning about him but also Ky learning about Where’s The Vibe. This shared intrigue lead to a phone call and the ultimate addition, of the growing artist, to our WTV fam. We got the honor of interviewing the artist on a separate phone call, and this post is a grande debut and introduction of Ky William.

Ky William is a Jersey born and bred individual. The 25-year-old east-coaster is taxi-ing his talents down every avenue and alley. His dedication to his craft is what is allowing him to develop his sound, grow others’ interest, and bring himself to a range of different stages. The house scene should be excited to soon be peppered with his distinct sound.

The track that started our relationship with Ky, is also the start of his original track releases. The collaboration, with Christian Bistany, is the first drop not remixing another artist’s track. We are the first to tell you this is not because he is not crafting originals because we are lucky enough to be of a distinguished few to see into everything he has coming. Believe us when we say, turn on notifications for his Spotify. With the inside ear, we can tell you he has such a great house sound. Structured by rigid pattern development and punching percussion Ky creates a sound that spins tech house in a brand-establishing way. The original tracks, in production, presented us with a listen that feels distant and reflective. Each track brings you into the music, while also making you feel like you working to bring your mind into the patterns of Ky. It brings that good feeling that house should bring, while also creating a craving to see inside the mind of the art itself. On top of that feeling and pattern production, Ky defines his sound with the fattest high hats. We find ourselves singing along with the ‘tsst’s’ because they are as explosive as any good vocal. Those hits are by no means in place of vocals though. Ky develops his base brand with the use of vocal samples to establish a theme. With the William pattern and established theme, the songs then take even more form around them. There is a clear and developing understanding of cohesive vibe creation demonstrated in the tracks to come: stay tuned and excited.

William’s music style is a direct product of the his genuine excitement-driven disposition. Talking with Ky made this very clear. Like his clear music sound, his personality becomes very clear in conversation. He is an artist that attributes music to sparking some of the strongest emotion. This association is where his production purpose lies. Ky creates music to bring that emotion to his audience. The driving force, behind his hard work, is paying back the feeling other’s music has let him experience. Using the creation of music that gets a rise out of his listeners, as the currency of reimbursement. William is working on mastering the trades of being an artist and a listener. Devote to learning and synthesizing the sounds that he has become to inspired by. A skill which he develops by experiencing as much music as he can, mainly by means of seeing other artists live. During sets, he is mentally storing all of the best moments to distribute later into his own production. You can see from our description of his sound, that he has succeeded, and continues to succeed, in doing so. 

Clearly he spends a lot of time on the listening side of the stage, but he is matching those appearances with ones on the other side of the DJ booth. His self-marketing and networking, matched with his emerging talent, has allowed him to score some great connections. Connections that bloomed into residencies with a lot of clubs and organizations on the east coast. These residencies are sure to provide not only practice to Ky, but also the exposure he is looking for. Bringing Ky William to the people is a noble pursuit.

Exposure is a journey that Ky is embarking on, but is a shared path with his guiding pursuits. His current focus is to establish consistency. Releasing and performing looks to fall on a schedule as he develops as an artist. Bringing the people music and sets on a regular basis is the focus now, to assure his following never has a reason to NOT have Ky in mind. We are excited about this consistency as well, seeing that it means we get to bring him to the page more and more. His brand is something we have loved to outline but is also something he is still working to define. We think he has something really solid and tangible already evident, however, his secondary goal is to continue building and defining the meaning of “KY WILLIAM”. His endeavor to lock an air-tight brand is what he looks to bring his ability to succeed in future endeavors. One down-the-road project he discussed with us is eventually introducing his own record label. Something we can totally visualize, thanks to his dedication to music and its inspirational nature. Plus if he runs a label there would never be a shortage of artists or tracks to synthesize his sound with, on his own releases.

Jersey can put the statue in his home town now because Ky William is already a crown jewel for them. His love of people, production, performance, and pursuing his goals already bring so much to the table. As he begins to release and become more knowledgeable of his brand, Ky will be able to move as fast as he wants, with his career. We are excited to be along for the ride, supporting this fam member. So be ready because the William brand will continue to come out of the shadows and prove every point we touched on here: just you wait.

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