It has been a while since we brought some west coast to the page, so it is only fitting as summer fades we reflect some sunshine from there. HRNA comes to the table with a real visionary transformation of the popular track ‘Talk’, by Khalid and Disclosure. The track is the perfect summer never dies vibe and will help us hold on to summer as the weather lets it go.

Open up with that breezy open-air synth and you can just smell the ocean, feel the slight burn of an unclouded sun, and really just see the laughter scrunched faces of your homies. The familiar vocals of Khalid come in under the opening synth, and it is as the radio was turned on. Hearing one of the top tracks of summer again, but this time it accompanied by a different memory than the last time you heard it. That vibe of the same thing hitting a different way is the eptimoy of HRNA’s remix. Lyrics, that most of us have probably car karaoke sang, are given a whole new body and it is so fluid and whimsical. As the song develops, there is warmth and movement and such a free-spirited lift. The song just has great vibes and does not need anything else. It is a synthetic symphony that repurposes a track that has grown on us. It is a new memory with a familiar friend. Like those memories, this track is hard to forget, so it falls under the vibecabulary term scrapbooked:

A song that creates a visible illusion in your mind that you do not want to forget. It brings you past the sound of the song, and into that moment you see, in your brain, when listening

So excited to get HRNA back on the page, with this honey-smooth remix. This track is a gift to all of us that are making the best of these last summer days. Even as the cold comes though, this remix will still hold those warm summer vibes. 

Until next time.


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