It is never a bad time to indulge in a good horror flick. The same goes for a nice scary track. And our most recent ear haunting came from, WTV fam member, Wasp. His latest track ‘Karma’ is a pre-October call to arms for the strange and creepy. His raw, bass infused, trap sound brings to life a jarring narrative, which illustrates a piece of ancient eastern philosophy.

Opening with an eye-opening metal drum line that moves to develop a kinky bass line, the song screams trap. The contrast between high and low end comes together with the very pungent middle tone, to stimulate every part of your ear within the first minute of the track. After prepping you, ‘Karma’ ricochets into this very dubby walk up that peaks with the female vocal; a vocal which ushers in this uncensored metallic shredding of your soul. The drop brings a lot of bass stylings to the ear but still sticks with a lot of the trap groundings. Once you get into it though, a demonic shadow falls over you like a wet blanket. The ominous sample stands alone and, like Prison Mike, is “here to scare you straight”. With the echoing laughter to add to the goosebumps, the voice brings the meaning of the song title to the surface- impossible to ignore. Then just as quick as the warning came, it is gone again. The beat is brought back, but it hits different now. Every bass hit reminds us of the shadow lurking around us. The shrill laugh brings to light that evil is always around us, waiting for us to slip up. The track closes in paranoia, making it a clear night-lighter, in the WTV dictionary:

A track or set that startles you so much, seemingly settling a little piece of evil always right beside you, making you feel the necessity for a night light- because the darkness will never feel safe again

Wasp creates a very abstract trap sound, with ‘Karma’. The track has a very rough texture, and it really adds to bringing out a strong terror vibe. We are excited to see some haunting happenings begin to get released, as autumn falls on us. Wasp is early to the hair-raising season, so we only expect more terror to come. 

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