It is time once again for Jewelz to break back onto the page. Last appearing with his Dubstep Money Vol. 1 EP, Jewelz brings his latest single, ‘Revenge’, to the masses. The track samples the creepy and amps the dirty bass. The song is the perfect note to come back on after a couple of dormant months. Tick tock, time to get to it. 

The final seconds before we rip Jewelz through our speakers once again are cataloged in the first moments of ‘Revenge’. As the last bit of time ticks away, gargling wubs rise from the belly of the track. This bassline is the life force of the song and is the excitement which everything is built on. The rolling sound just keeps this standard feeling of time passing quickly: pairing perfectly with the initial time ticks. With any Jewelz track, he sews together a quilt of themed samples that build together so well. There is a level of disconnect between some of the samples, but that disconnect is what keeps you inclined on each one. The sample quilt warms us up to the drop to come. One which we needed to be acclimated to since it absolutely rips. Jewelz cracks the track wide open and riddim oozes out like magma. ‘Revenge’ slowly closes its shell back over the explosive breakdown, as the initial rolling bassline emerges to take dominance again. The song continues to do this for both drops, and the constant contrast and reemergence of the different aspects of the song is what is so exciting. The track rings out as the vibecabulary term gamma infused:

A track which that emulates both sides of Bruce Banner: the intelligent side (strong production that emulates thought) and the angry side (that good shit that spawns mosh pits into the world)

It was only a matter of time until we got another release, and we are glad Jewelz is back. This song is a stomper that gets all the blood flowing. As this song clocked out, we hope that it is not much more than those audible seconds before the next release.

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