Back to impress the world once again, Nostalgix drops another single on the infamous Confession label. ‘Mess With Me’ marks the Canadian artist’s second drop on the label and FIRST solo drop. This track brings a mess of pride to our hearts and sparks friction on our feet, as Nostalgix is able to create another slippery house track. 

‘Mess With Me’ creates a deep heavy backdrop for an electrified house line. Pairing that initial conglomeration of attributes with the featured sound samples gives this song a very nautical feel. In three minutes, we see house music paint out this explosive and dynamic submarine soiree. The initial beating bass is the pulse in our ears as we descend into the deep blue, building us into the thrill of the submerged battle brewing. As the rest of the beat comes in, we feel the energy building and this high electronic horn coming from the scanner. The undertones of the song are cold like metal and echo disperse eerily into the water encapsulating the vessel. Then, over the speakers of the ship, we hear the ‘mess with me’ lyric. It is the warning to the invasion- an ominous taunt that we are caught off guard. Nostalgix drops into the chaotic hook, that fills the maps with sonar blips that challenge our crew. We do our best to maneuver the now dangerous sea but feel a loss of power, as the first drop comes to a close. The ship idles until we get power back. Power that only brings the cycling ‘mess with me’ message back to our ear, indicating we have to get ready to once again defend the ship. Sonar blips ring again during the second drop, but a whirring sample flies in and out of the ear as well. There is a sense of more speed and more intensity through the second drop of the song. This plays out to illustrate our successful evasion from the situation. ‘Mess With Me’ pushes us back to the surface and we hit that last release- breaking the seal back into the above-water world. The track closes and brings only one vibecabulary term to mind, bubbles beat:

A track that hits, with low and cool production, to paint a backdrop of the ocean blue. The track then uses the rest of the track to play out the aquatic plotline.

Nostalgix creates thumping bass and crass high-end melodic trips to create a weighted house track. The release is so interesting because there is a sense of groove amongst the presence of bass. ‘Mess With Me’ is a track served on ice, from Nostalgix. The slight temperature change has drawn our ear and demonstrates her pivot ability within her own brand.

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