Few times call for something wild to happen as much as a harvest moon on Friday the 13th. Calling to all the crazies of the world were the thick-n-creamy house rhythms pouring down from the rooftops of High St. Columbus, Ohio. Just A Party gave the people a place let loose and enjoy the fleeting warm night of summer, safely above the streets on the strange night that is Friday the 13th. Though Harvest was the home base for house happenings, we did bravely venture out to a little house haven on an ominous night. Check out all of our fearless Friday the 13th house harvesting, as you read all the way through!


A well-known quite ratchet High St. club, Big Bar and Grille, is given a full face-lift by the Just A Party crew. Venturing away from the very cliche club scene below and floating to the young rooftop bar, Just A Party has found a venue that they can reinvent and make parallel with their brand. Big Bar rooftop lays out the essentials for any event that Just A Party hosts: a bar and plenty of space. The bare minimum is then supplemented by being a 21+ environment, away from the regular stigma of Big Bar, and giving a great view of High Streets nightlife. 

The rooftop gives the blank canvas, so Just A Party had to fill it in. By backing the ‘stage’ up to the very corner of the rooftop, they not only optimize the use of their sound system but also create their own VIP area. It feels like a perfect self-reward, for the DJ’s who have come together to put on the events, having their own private party. Its all very simple, from the setup to the lighting, which matches the mantra the company is named after.


Being so close with members of Just A Party has made us friends with all parties involved. So it is so exciting to watch friends of our’s DJ all night and bring their personality to Big Bar rooftop.

BassPro: One of the hardest working DJs ever. His dedication to doing good house music justice by bringing it to the people with energy and without a rough transition. This set was an actualization of that goal; all we want more of is more smiling among the dedication. Just to illustrate, to the people, that he loves what he does as much as we know he does. 

Nate O: The scientist behind the whole sound system made great use of his experiment. His set was groovy and has that disco vibe tinted with those tech undertones. The set brought the fever and tied together a lot of really good re-works.

ELN MSK: This took the aged groove and brought it back to the present. This set was bouncy and held energy well. It kept the crowd simmering at the perfect temperature of happiness and just further developing his house flavor, seasoning it with a strong cast of tracks.

At this point, we actually had to travel away from Harvest. What could possibly take us from this event, you ask?

Fear & Lowe: The first set that we had the opportunity to see the duo as fam members, and we could not miss. The duo was direct support for Dillon Nathaniel and they brought a very dirty house set. Their b2b chemistry is so strong, and that allows them to continue one another’s thoughts. On this evening, it crafted an energetic but dark house set. It had that afterhours glow among the show. A solid set that hit a little different than what we have seen from them in the past.

Christian Bistnay: Back into Harvest with a fam member. Christian Bistany continually brings the good time to the mix. His energy, his music choice, and his happiness bring the crowd along on this amazing ride. Christian has the ability to draw every ear by using dynamic work-ups and transitions, through his whole set. He cultivates his love for the music by mixing all together in new exciting ways and enjoying it with his crowd.

The b2b’s: The night closed out with a one-to-one back-to-back transitioning between each artist. So exciting to see the sounds of all of their sets flow together one song at a time. All the artists were having so much fun, and in turn, so were we. 

Done Well and Needs Work

The vibe curation was perfect, for Harvest. The all house feel mixed with the simple set of Big Bar rooftop creates something you can get nowhere else. Just A Party has found a great formula for their events, however, we are excited to see where else they can reimagine as summer and patios come to a close.

The only thing that was a downfall, that cannot be improved by Just A Party, is the bathroom situation. The only bathrooms are in the club section of Big Bar, which makes using them a huge ordeal. Walking down the flights of metal stairs just to have to come back up, after relieving your bladder, is awful. There really is not a remedy to that, but that doesn’t mean we like it. 

Harvest was an absolute blast and we love making it out to Just A Party events. They are tapping the Columbus house market, with their brand, very well. We are excited to keep attending and watching their growth, development, and artist additions- bouncing and bobbing to that good tech house the whole way.

Until next time.


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