Everyone grab your spoons and a friend before you sit down to listen to Olektronyx’s latest drop. The artist, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, dropped a six-track brain soup spawner. His production uses vocals extremely modestly but packs all wavelengths of radioactive sound into the tracks; this is to assure a creamy liquefied brain is our final product, after listening. ‘HEXEZ’ does not stop at liquefaction though. No chef is satisfied with a bland soup, and Olektronyx is not settling for anything but five-star beats. The album satisfies the palette by curating the three d-flavors: dark, dirty, and demonic. As you listen through, the album develops each of those in intricate and intriguing ways. Not only does he create dark, dirty, and demonic moments within each track, but he goes and re-prepares those recipes further into the album. It is evil and hypnotic down to the last drop.

Starting the album off is the track, ‘GIT UP’. This is the call to arms or, in regard to the brain soup, the prep time. A hypnotic static bass line emerges and morphs with the energy building vocal sample “Get Up!”. The janky and startling intro is beefed up with pointed production that roughly passes through the ear canal. The song builds like dubstep and then drops into bass house. From there, it is game over because the track bounces around and introduces a whole new build of the song. This re-imagination of the track, within the track, begins slowly tearing the soul from your body. The bass house becomes muddled and tinted with the initial dubstep dirt. Until it powers out into the next track.

‘WYSD’ is the second track we reboot into, after ‘GIT UP’. We build from the silence left by the first track, and the initial sound feels like a reversal. From the rewind, the track moves into a tribal summoning. We again see the move into the bass house and the subsequent transition into the vocal-driven alien tech rips. The song is a play at the brand-defining dirty nature of Olektonyx’s production while being a part of his unique style.

Track three, ‘UNTLD’, oozes into the ear with a playful rhythm crafted with slimy sound bits. The initial sound dissipates into the that hard devilish nature. However, Olektronyx brings that dark nature of production by reintroducing the playful into the demonic. ‘UNTLD’, as a track, rings out as unique because it samples it’s intro back into the song. Again reimagining not only someone else’s sample but reimagining his own. This is one of the first clear demonstrations of the artist’s branching idea-emergence. Even among the birthing of his own ideas, he is birthing parallel and shifted ideas of that idea. If that is confusing to read, just know it is what you hear on tracks like these.

In the name of reimagination, Olektronyx features a fellow producers reimagination of his track. This should ring as a large compliment to Dochness. The remix of ‘GIT UP’ fits in really well on the album. The remix has a more clean future polish to it, and introduces more order and pattern initially. You hear the original track, but this really feels like the yin to Olektronyx yang. Like the yin yang design, this remix still features a piece of that hard dirty bass that ‘HEXES’ has brought to the table.

The repurposing and reworking and replaying is what really brings the brain to melt, and what makes ‘HEXEZ’ so unique. We keep building up and furthering the level of repurposing, as we move track to track. We meet the final form of recreation on the ‘WYSD (VIP)’. This track introduces that demonic sin in new ways, while still adhering to the initial track. The VIP takes and gives ‘dirty’ a double meaning. With the bed squeak sample, the whole track takes the mind to the gutter. Olektronyx isn’t just dirty on the beats- hes also dirty in the sheets. The dirty beats still come through, with some sound adjustments that re-excite the listener to the ‘WYSD’ sound.

Closing out the album is the title track: ‘HEXEZ’. The title track ties together the album not only by encompassing the dark, dirty, demonic theme, but also similar sound progressions. All in all, this track is a schizophrenic acid trip. The voices. in your head. that incite panic manifest into tangible beings in front of you. The track is haunting and blurring. It reminds us of that gas from Batman Begins, but in the most enjoyable way. ‘HEXEZ’ closes out the track and the album by orchestrating the journey of your demons back into the corners of your mind they came from. 

‘HEXEZ’ is crafted into a very cohesive body of music that brings Olektronyx’s brand to the table in unbelievable ways. His production styling and commitment to bringing his ideas to life in many different ways marks that album as the WTV Dictionary term unpure imagination:

Creations that take you into the dark parts of your imagination and allow you to explore each square inch. Stemming from the Willy Wonka classic, Pure Imagination, these sets, albums, and tracks make the malicious magical. 

We are excited to see Olektronyx create such a muscular body of work. The work is well-developed and brings to the table a consistent sound and brand. The brain melt feels good and is done in a pretty unique way. We are excited to see the sound development and reimagination to come on his next works.

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