From the studio to the limelight, we have been there along the way for Pinwheel’s latest release. The new WTV fam addition brings us a sultry trance jazz track entitle ‘Jezebel’. This track creates a void within the listener, which the song seems to echo through. Strong mastery and a solid production glide the track smoothly into the world.

Smoke settles itself into the milky jazz lines of ‘Jezebel’s opening. An ominous laugh adds a level of mystery and deceit to the pure lines of brass. The track continues to develop this sound of tormented beauty, with the very 60’s witchy vocals. ‘Jezebel’ has this very grayscale production to it, which is transfused into the electronic production that drops after the vocals. The song sticks to a rigid pattern that becomes so familiar to the ear by the end of the track. Structure paired with the bass mastery brings that smokey void further into focus. The cycling of the droplet sound, jazz brass, and the vocal give those chilling breaks to the bass heavy track and stimulate blood flow. The song is hypnotic and expansive while being reflective and raw. It is a bass track that unwinds the coils of the mind. This aspect marks ‘Jezebel’, in the WTV Dictionary, as sweet sorcery:

A track that aromatically enters the mind and wisps through stimulating many synapses, inspiring more than simply enjoyment but further pondering emotions

Pinwheel really creates a track that we have not heard anything like with ‘Jezebel’. From sample sound to tempo, this bass track really is cut from a different cloth. Everything feels painted gray when listening, but we have never seen so many magnificent shades of gray.

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