AJ Salvatore’s latest track, ‘Insomniac’, has us white-knuckled and ready to commit a crime. This is a trap anthem for the troubled youth, which is furthered into a rager for the rebellious, by Atarii’s lyrics. DC really has no farther to look, when developing the soundtrack for Suicide Squad 2, because here it is. From the cover art to the very hard sound, this track screams underground crime collective. The vibe created brings that healthy enticement and expulsion of the suppressed corruption hidden in us. 

Crawling from the alleys and the sewers the thugs of our minds emerge as this track builds. The voice of Atarii blasts through the PA system, in our mental city. The lyrics inspire our demons to feel welcome under the shadow and color that is painted by AJ Salvatore’s production. As the final lyrics are delivered, we feel all of our aggression and euphoric anger ricocheting in the center of our minds and bodies. Salvatore then opens the flood gates and pours all of it out at once. His bass heavy trap introduces enough wubs to make a mosh pit feel like home, for this track. He inspires chaotic energy that flashes reds and deep blues. That energy you feel in a movie prison riot. The sounds of demolition and violence play over a backdrop of darkness, only broken by emergency vehicles flashing lights. A scene that would usually bring panic feels exciting and electric because we are part of the chaos. Both drops inspire all of this crazy emotion that keeps us going hard for the entire song. The track wraps up to be a vibecabulary bar-breaking banger:

A song that builds so much crazy energy that it feels criminal, and inspires healthy chaos to break out of the prison of your normal energy. 

We are excited to see AJ and Atarii working together, on another track. This is another testament to their strong synergy and energy procurement. ‘Insomniac’ is not a track to listen to lightly- be sure to give yourself a healthy outlet to make use of the steroids this song pumps into your ears. 

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