‘Siren’ marks the first track covered for newly added WTV fam member, Entel. Our first glance into his production style and sound is brought by this six-and-a-half-minute memoir of mental mitigation. ‘Siren’ is a track that brings trance and techno onto the same track, and breeds a sugary melodic track from them. This sound can serve different purposes, but no matter the hat, the track tells like an epic. 

No vocals and a melodic future soundscape develop the contemplating track, ‘Siren’. The Entel production style rings out as mild yet serotonin inspiring. There is a very steady pace to the track and traceable patterns, which always lie underneath whatever else is happening. These attributes evoke a track that provides both an afterhours dance track that can bring the sun up and a track that produces studying/work production. The evident storyline that emerges, when the song breaks halfway through, brings a very personal touch to the track. The pressing nature that propels us forward, the plotline, and the actions it evokes strike us as very personal. This track holds a journey that only you can experience within it; there is a stronger level of self-reflection and discovery, rather than group bonding. That individual/independent theme is best defined by the vibecabulary term aromatic addy:

Stemming from the focus Adderal can provide, this term is for songs that bring a strong focus to the mind, but bring it about in an aloof nature. The track lays a focus and a goal to float in the space around us, as we use the time to discover the ethereal epicenter of our desire.

‘Siren’ rings out as a track that can accompany the mind, in more than one way. Entel breaks into our brains with very gentle production that holds strong value and merit. This is an exciting debut track for Entel and one that should excite all of us to what is next, from the artist. 

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