Recently, Ben Gold dropped an album entitled ‘Sound Advice (Chapter Two)’. This album is a strong testament to the artist’s collaborative nature, and, for that reason, has found itself in our mouths. One of the many names peppered into Ben Golds’ latest creation is our own WTV fam member- Fahjah. Fahjah appears with Ben and two other artists to create the sixth track, entitled ‘Take Me To Heaven’. Though this post is only going to discuss that track, be sure to give the whole album a listen. And thank Fahjah for exposing you to Ben and the crew he drafted to create his dynamic album.

‘Take Me To Heaven’ is a beautiful melodic tune enhanced by a rolling bass line. The track, like its title, is beckoning for the stars. The lyrics bring in ideals of the stratosphere and the layers we pass in pursuit of the heavens. Those vocals set the concrete journey/message, which the production continuously develops. The repetition of the rising vocal cut, introduction of strong percussive lines, and the speckled future-chimes give the song the force to keep moving upward. The song also balances light and dark tones to allow the backdrop of song to vary depending on the listener. Depending on your mindset you can evoke the emotion of an overcast sunny sky, a cool developing thunderstorm, or even an untouched night sky. No matter where your mind takes you, you are pushing upward to heaven. This versatile nature, that Ben Gold, Sheridan Grout, Julie Ross, and fam member Fahjah create, defines the term consciousness chameleon in the WTV Dictionary as:

A piece of art that camouflages to the head space of the listener. It evokes a similar theme to every listener, but the way in which it appears to them is dependent on where their head is at. Stemming from a chameleon always being a chameleon, even though it may be a different color due to its surroundings. 

We love seeing our WTV fam working hand-in-hand with so many talented artists. Ben Gold has curated a lifting track with the many hands involved, and furthermore a strong “chapter two”. Congratulations to Ben and all hands involved in the release. And of course, thank you to Fahjah for being a part of the project. The fam is always bringing us new surprises. 

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