Skully’s brought out the smorgasbord of electronic sound, to introduce the genre-fluid K?D. We were happy to see so many WTV fam on the local support, for an artist we featured back at the beginning of WTV. It was a unique opportunity to have the fam usher in our first time seeing K?D. So, thank you to them for enhancing such a memorable night. Now let’s get on with it!


Although the dubstep cove of Columbus may have been filled with different music, it was still the staple venue we all know. A restaurant sitting area and the dancefloor and patio separated by one small hallway. The venue is simple, small, and dark are what define the vibe of Skully’s. The venue was not packed for this show, so it felt very open and gave a lot of room to move around. Another notable aspect, for this show, was the live artwork. A space that usually features local vendors or a cove separate from the dancefloor featured an artist painting live. Adding a new little twist to a venue we regular. 


BassPro: First show we get to see with him as WTV fam, and he absolutely did an amazing job starting our night off strong. His stage presence was so much bigger than usual, while his energy curating set remains a staple. His setlist is bumping the whole time and flows seamlessly. He has really put in the work to performing and has established himself a strong and notable DJ, in Columbus. 

GVNR: Another Columbus staple made WTV fam, was able to continue the house energy. GVNR gave us that smooth groove house integrated with his original tracks and twists. He presents himself very honestly on stage; he is unbelievably real and jot-filled and it is contagious.

Ghost Gardens: The first introduction (that we saw) of something other than house. This duo was broke the trend and introduced old-style scratching with bass and trap tracks. The two seemed to balance the scratching and transition DJing as the set progressed. Once the set settled in, it was a nice explosion of energy that stood out from the house.

Christian Bistany b2b Ethan: Two ‘Just A Party’ pillars took to the stage at Skully’s and just brought a set that embodied everything good about house. This set bounced, grooved, and continually built excitement. From their very fun visible banter and energy to the amazing build-ups and transitions they created, the two just adopted the crowd into the house with love. 

K?D: The best way to embody this set would be calling it a soft-serve twist of EDM. He introduced so many different genres, and it was startling but smooth. Other than being defined by the music, his minimal front booth visuals and lighting helped to make that transition in our ears match with our eyes. It was fast-paced and dynamic, which made it fly right by- in a blur of extreme volume and flashing color.

Done Well & Needs Work

The venue is always noted for working seamlessly, so that stands true still. Further on the venue, the live art was another good touch we would like to continually develop. The smaller number of people there may seem like a downfall, but it actually proved to be beneficial for dancing- which is always a plus.

With the solid venue, there really were only two attributes that we see could have been better. One can be controlled by My Bestfriend’s Party, and one falls more on us (as fans). The MBFP controlled point to be developed would be a cohesive lineup. We loved seeing all our friends play, but it did not necessarily match Ghost Garden’s or K?D. But the inability to genre match K?D is totally understandable. Other than that, the respect that concert-goers demonstrated was lackluster. There were quite a few people standing on the front rail, blocking the crowd, and getting in K?D’s face during his set. Not only is the artist sharing his set with us, but also everyone paid to see that- we feel that we should always respect those things. We were glad to see that MBFP thought the same, by sending someone to continually get those fans off the rail.

Another solid night goes in the books. We had the opportunity to not only see our fam rock the night pre-K?D, but we also got to see an artist that we have known about for over a year. Thank you to all the talent, My Best Friend’s Party, and Skully’s for having another solid event.

Until next time.


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