The duo, Maderra, brings to the table a soft yet explosive melodic bass track to our ears, with their latest release. ‘Playing With Fire’ is a vocal-driven track that translates the lyrics to strong production. This track introduces many rhythmic lines that draw our minds to one thought, feeling, or melody. The reflective nature of the track fuses with the optimistic emotion it inspires to create a song that bounces us around among the stars.

When the song is broken down, every aspect can stand alone. Whether it be the KNVWN vocals, the boisterous bass line, the high tone melodies, or the silky smooth synthesized break downs, they all hold such value on their own. The duo shows in this song the time they put into each part, and give each aspect its own time. You get to appreciate each aspect in the altering spotlight, while still appreciating every part that is still happening in the shadows. The song just has a glow to it. Melding that to the heightening effect of the melody progression and development, we see ‘Playing With Fire’ defined, by the WTV Dictionary, as a starry-night night-light:

A track which holds warmth and comfort, like that of a night light to a toddler, but also inspires the mind to get lost in thoughts of grandeur- amplifying the nightlight with one of those cool spinning cutout orbs that spins shapes of light all through the room.

We are stoked to have Maderra now featured on the page, and immensely impressed with the work they just put out. ‘Playing With Fire’ has such emotional value, while also just being a very lifting main-stage listen. Everyone show it some love and welcome the duo warmly to the WTV fam.

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