Coming off of a heartfelt tribute, SICKISH is back on brand releasing some wild dubs. His latest release is titled ‘JtT’ and it is coming in HOT. We don’t normally start with the WTV term, but we are going to give it right off the bat- cause we about to bring light to the undeniable scene painted by ‘JtT’. So strap in for the ride as we show how the track emulates the vibecabulary term Decepticon Darty to a T.

We first need to recall the cinematic classic ‘Project X’. The party heard round the world is the reference image that we build the listening experience off of. Like ‘Project X’ the party started with hopes and built from there. From the ground up, it became the wild experience we all idolized. Now place that format in the day time and rather than teens: giant robots set on the destruction of Earth taking a day off who are making Saturday for the boys. SICKISH has made the title track for that, with ‘JtT’. This track starts with that initial soul-sucking anticipation and builds all the way up til we bust into the function. Then it is a blur of alienware scratching vinyl and metallic transformation tones that bring to life DJ Decepticon. A wild character that is geeked off of gas fumes and going nuts for his Decepticon brethren. The energy is crazy and manic and brings images of that psychotic party action. We can see Starscream doing a diesel keg-stand, as Barricade holds him up. The mist, of a Megatron stone-colding motor oil, paints our skin. Soundwave continues cranking the volume (past any reasonable level) to signal the full force of the evil robotic legion. The song winds down, as night falls, and there is only carnage of metal scraps and wires among the inebriated bodies of the Autobots’ only true adversary.

The picture is co clear and so wildly fun with this one. SICKISH hones that ability to not only soundscape but add massive amounts of dynamic developing energy. The staple of the SICKISH brand shines through in ‘JtT’. We always hold substantial anticipation for the next story he will tell, with those kooky cracked production plots. 

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