Martin Garrix may have dodged us once, but we were not going to let that happen again. After missing the must-see artist at Spring Awakening, we had to do whatever we could to get the chance again. So last weekend we saddles up and hit the dusty trail to Philadelphia, PA. Martin Garrix was live and in person outside of Wells Fargo Center, and we were living for his set.


Our backdrop fell outside the Wells Fargo Center, in the parking lot surrounded by the stadiums of the Eagles and the Phillies. The pavement gave a large space for the crowd to fill, with a great view of those sports landmarks behind the stage. Although the lights were on in the parking lot, it was still dark enough that the stage popped and did justice to the production. 

When it came to set up and functionality, the venue was simple. Security was minimal, with a metal detector and no pat-downs. The parking lot was given shape by simple chain-link fences, which were lined with the food and drink vendors. Other than that, there was one air-conditioned Tito’s trailer; this was a necessity for some because of the crazy heat.


Martin Garrix- The much-anticipated act and the only act we saw can be summed up pretty well by “wow”. His show was sewn together with his electric dance music. Pair that with storytelling visuals, insane vibrant lights, and other energetic elements (like CO2 on every big drop), the show was an absolute blast. Even with the 30-minute lightning delay cutting into the show, there was no taking away from this set. The smooth flow through the playlist of Martin Garrix provided fun beyond compare. 

Done Well and Needs Work

The big venue and larger than life performance were the best aspects of the show. Martin Garrix and his team have put together an amazing production that we would see again and again. There is no doubt that the show was worth traveling for, and it made it even better to have a big venue to dance around, during the worth-every-penny experience. 

When it comes to the needs work, we sort of have a list with this venue. What most of them boil down to, however, is that we did not see him in a festival setting. The crowd had a lot of different ages and vibes, and not all were into the show. The stage was not elevated enough to allow for shorter fans to enjoy every aspect of the show. The few beer stands were lined up with crazy amounts of people; if we would have waited, we would have lost a buzz by the time we got our next beer. The show ended so early, at 10:30 pm. As you can see, all of these aspects would be almost completely irradiated in a festival setting. Regardless, we still enjoyed the show but we are itching to get to the next festival, where Marin Garrix is on the lineup.

We love a great road trip and we love the Martin Garrix brand, so this trip was an absolute blast. Even with the hiccups, it comes down to Martin Garrix bringing the party wherever he goes. His music and show got us out of Columbus and excited for the next opportunity to chase him down at a festival. Thank you to all hands involved in making and organizing this show and to Martin Garrix for having the talent and music to make it all possible.

Until next time.


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