A long-time friend of WTV finally became fam this last week, which paired well with the release of his newest track: ‘Awakening’. K-LO released his latest single, featuring vocalist Vandel, last Friday. The track is that pop meets punk format laid over electronic music. The lyrics, the feel, the vocal style, and the apparent twist of pop EDM and trap production are the hot ticket items ‘Awakening’ is offering.

The track breaks in with this bouncy poppy string line and then brings in the bass with the Vandel vocals. His voice has that rebel rock brand, and it evokes this lift that inspires intensity. The more you listen to the lyrics, the more energy and confidence develop. With that internal rise, K-LO builds the track behind the lyrics to bring that rise to the forefront. A build that drops into the filthy low-end trap that is the contrast to the initial track line. That initial track line vibe can be heard, however, during the drop. It then comes back in and builds with the lyrics again. The softer pop switches back to the front and the heavy trap is in the shadow- speckled through the vocal lines. The line moves us back into the build for the second drop, which starts by voiding sound then siphoning all back into the ear. This action amplifies the energy and makes it feel even more intense. Together it all really develops that rebel feel; it feels like revolution and challenging whatever obstacles oppose you. Ending the song gently and with that open-ended feel creates a feeling of winning the battle, not the war. Knowing we won this push, but there is more to do to fully complete our task. The plotline of the song is clearly developed by every aspect of the track and is a part of vibecabulary term beat battalion:

An electronic music creation that rallies the listeners to the front lines of their fight with their problems. It encourages bravery and valor to charge into the battles they need to fight, while instilling the idea that one battle is the beginning of success- lighting the passionate fuse of the pursuit of continuous victory.

K-LO collaborates well with the vocalist Vandel to add a special track to both porfolios. Like we said from the beginning, this is the pop-punk of EDM. We hope this is continuose project for K-LO, and a project that rubs off on others. Taking the softer EDM and mashing it with trap and dubstep continually creates unmatched sound diversity, as seen on ‘Awakening’.

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