The European WTV fam member, Eric Ananda, sends over his latest remix. The artist takes on the Lyrah track, ‘Are You All Alone?’, from her Chemicals EP. The original song uses bouncy tones with soft and simple pop electronic production to frame the tranquil voice, of Lyrah. Through Eric Ananda’s remix, the song brings an original take to the track and still incorporates the original track’s essence. The talent is not found by reinventing the wheel but adapting it to a new purpose.

The focal point of this remix is exactly the same as the original- highlight the velvety effortless vocals that Lyrah brings. She has a voice that seems to melt the body, but so gently that you just fall into the draw of her sound. Eric brings us into them so delicately to lock the ear on them. Lyrah’s voice is the steady guide through the track. She feels paced and mild- thoughtful and trustworthy. Establishing that bond with the vocals allows Eric to continually develop the track around them. Each break he adds slightly more intensity and flare than the last. Being grounded in the voice though makes it all feel so good. It is like a firework show on the warmest summer night. There is so much comfort in the presence of excitement. The remix utilizes similar drum lines, from the original track, which shows the appreciation and inspiration Eric felt because of the initial art. This song has clean building energy that lies under the emotional nature Lyrah creates. The outlined dedication to doing the art justice, while adding more production energy than the original track is best outlined by the vibecabulary term EEE:

EEE stands for Enhanced Electronic Echo. These are remixes that adhere to the original sound but also amp up different aspects of the track. The feeling and genre heard on both the original and remix are close, but the remix just raises some levels.

This remix is a really great lo-fi listen, that just invites the ear. Lyrah matched with the Eric Ananda production is something we want to continue to see. Lyrah has such a warm tone that Eric is able to fade in and out to compliment both of their talents and sounds very well. A solid track, as well as, a warming tribute to the Lyrah’s original release. 

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