The pumpkin spice is flowing, Halloween is on our minds, and the days are shortening. We have no choice but to accept that autumn is upon us. Even when facing reality though, we still feel the warm calling of our summer memories. The sun-kissed joys of the last months still break sun, into our transition to cooler overcast days. Olextronyx perfectly accompanies this phenomenon, with ‘SMRVBZ (Instrumental)’. 

Olektronyx latest trap release is a song that tracks a day of daydreaming. One of those days where separating from your bed is more of a struggle than usual. Where you “normal” feels like a cycle that is breaking you, with no escape. What gets you through that though, are the dreams of grandeur. The summer memories that you made for months without care. Both the monotony and the carefree vibes of summer contrast, as they overlay on the track. The two bring that feeling of going through the motions, while our heads are in the clouds. It tracks that whole day of waking up happy and in a daze from summer dreams, in a winter world, and just never letting that fantasy go- so it can get you through the nonsense of over-normalized gray days.

Olektronyx brings a nice little track to the bookend of the sunny-season. A nice symphony of sand and sun bringing a spark to the simplicity of the cooling year. ‘SMRVBZ (Instrumental)’ does so much already, for the mind, so we are excited to see Olektronyx add some vocals over top soon. Maybe to tell the same story, or to bring a whole new feel to mind

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