Sector brings his hot dubstep stylings to the latest J Power release ‘Buu’. The Dragon Ball Z inspired track is an ode to the greatest evil, in the series. J Power’s original track is a riddim development around the Buu vocal clips, which take the spotlight. J Power brings that cutting energy to the track, and then gives his creation up for lots of hands to remix. One set of those hands belong to WTV fam member, Sector.

Where J Power takes and uses the sample to excite the listener, Sector takes and uses layered prophetic production to initially excite and J Power’s Buu sample to expand it. The track opens up softly and with this future melody that literally brings power up out of our bodies. Until we finally get that first big drop, supplemented by the sample. This track is heavy and full of energy. It has that headbanging nature mixing with the gentle plot building melodies which add contrast and gives breaks in the bass. Sector crafts a track, from the initial sound clip, that embodies the same intensity while bringing it about in a massively different way. Sector’s remix of ‘Buu’ is layered with elements and brings so many new sounds from the original J Power track. This ability to bring something so different from the same track root is defined by the vibecabulary word seed roulette:

Tracks that take root from the same idea seed, that appears the same before growth, but both seeds produce different works which embody the initial idea differently

Congratulations on both J Power and Sector on their releases of ‘Buu’. The track takes one of anime’s largest antagonists and transforms him into some of that good dubby music. Be sure to check out J Power and the rest of the remixes done for ‘Buu’ here.

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