Halloween and heavy bass match up like peanut butter and jelly. So this time of year always has us ready, for some slapping spooky beats. Lucy Jane was here to satisfy that hunger, as soon as October hit, with her latest single- ‘Dubstephany’. From the demented jack-o-lantern cover art to the clear Hallows Eve inspired melodies, ‘Dubstephany is bringing the things that go bump in the night to life, with bumping bass and blood pumping percussion.

The initial tones of the track are that misleading innocent high invitation into the darkness about to be carried out. Once we hear the first cymbal and rise, we get that boisterous brassy line that brings the weight to the track. The motion and suspense into the drop are built by the layered percussion and the digital ring right before the drop. At the first drop, we get the product of combining everything from the first moments of the track. The initial jingle is not fused with the bass line, which plays of that nice snare cymbal line and some low echoey vocal screaming. ‘Dubstephany’ then quickly brings a second drop that features some crazy builds within it, and really amplifies more of the chilling vibe. The song ominously tapers out and leaves that sense of adored insecurity that Halloween brings out of all of us. Wrapping up the latest Lucy Jane track as belonging to the WTV Dictionary term Hard Halloween:

Where bass meets the crisp cool claws of October, you have the classification Hard Halloween. The term stems from the festival Hard Summer and literally translates to the splendid spooky bass that producers give us in the tenth month of the year.

Lucy Jane brings her style to the season of scare, and we are here for it. We hope that there is another terrifying track coming this October, but more importantly, we hope to hear this track popping off this weekend at her Breakaway Nashville set. 

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