Bass Cult affiliate and new WTV fam member, STANKTNK, had his latest release in late September. We FINALLY have the honor of getting to talk about this piece on our page. The track titled ‘Centurion’ is a bass-heavy exploration of pacing. The track is produced in a way that feels very turn-based, while continually re figuring the pattern the listener is experiencing. 

‘Centurion’ is a wonky bass track that takes the listener through constant change in scenery. The track is able to use a very back and forth sound production, much like the ‘tick-tock’ of a clock. It is that presentation of the on and off beats that persists through the changing sounds and paces to evoke that headbanging feel. STANKTNK brings even more variation to the track with the false drop development. On both drops, he gets the listener ready for a drop that takes a while to hit us. Those false drops are the best sort of tease, and they pay off. With this track, as a whole, it all comes down to time and pace. For that reason, this song is the vibecabulary term mighty metronome:

Tracks that have a clear and steady base pace, and build around that. The timing and pattern are refreshing and the key to the tracks appeal. 

STANKTNK demonstrates the dynamics of the cause-and-effect production style. He has a crazy ability to use pattern recognition in his listeners to excite and guide them through a different listening experience. All that and bass has us ready for the next track to drop.

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