Enter the temple of tantalizing trance, and bend the knee for the buzzing of bass, as you listen to Dochness’ late September release. This release prefaced just shortly his addition into the fam, but we made sure found its way to the page. ‘Body Worship’ is the ambient rumble of ancient aliens rising to their Earthly mantle once more. 

The track is a trudging and blocky build, into energetic confusion. You can feel this shift and trip that you go through as the song builds. Once the first rhythmic pattern breaks, you enter that tunnel of trance. The track vibrates the listener to the core, but does not push volume to do so. By fluidly moving a constant baseline to add texture and overlaying the distraction of the top pitched chimes, the listener constantly buzzed while never even having to turn the volume dial up. The production is purposed and simple, using a strong understanding of sound to be dynamic rather than trying to overstimulate, with many sounds. The ‘Body Worship’ construction marks it as the vibecabulary term Egyptian pyramid:

A song that seems so simple and is a marvel to others as a whole, but when broken down it comes to light how complex it is- seeming to be influenced by strange forces 

We are excited to feature Dochness, for the first time. His track ‘Body Worship’ is a great set up to more of what is to come. We look forward to the buzz the tracks will continue to bring. 

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