Fahjah is going to be no stranger to our page, seeing he has a FAT release schedule over the next couple of weeks. He comes this time with his track, ‘Dance With Me’. The track is elevated and smooth with synthetic vocals and rises and remains exciting with the house line that pushes from underneath. ‘Dance With Me’ brings the euphoria that our fondest exciting party nights bring to mind. 

Fahjah brings an exotic and fast-paced feel to the track. The varying vocals and even tone differences in the same vocal, inspire this feeling of a lot of people. Patching that together with the original fast-pace Euro-house feel, we end up picturing something quite fun. The song feels like the night you go crazy and do something different. It is the backdrop to the night, on a vacation by yourself, that you decide to go out on the town. You are far from home and a whole new you, so you decide to let the wind be your guide. It leads you to a romantic night with a local that is full of partying, excitement, and ecstasy. The track brings you that energetic ride on cloud-nine and brings something like a cool breeze to the listener: you enjoy the difference of pace and temperature from the air you were surrounded by before. The layers and variation that inspire this feeling are classified, in the WTV Dictionary, as the whimsical wind tunnel:

A track, or listening experience, that pushes onto you something cooling and light that while exerting force on you, it only seems to be taking your cares as it moves through/past you

Fahjah is continually bringing new things to his latest tracks. ‘Dance With Me’ is just another page in that novel. Melding the speed house base with synthesized vocals and production to work a trance-like feel into the listen, is just another demonstration of his talent. We cannot wait to get you another track this week, but until then keep dancing to this. 

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