Debuting the page, Tech Chase twists up a Modestep track with his latest release. ‘The Fallout’, as an original, brings a wild amount of anguish into the track through utilizing the heavy-hitting natures of metal and dubstep. Modestep creates an important divide between the very soft emotional metal and electronic production and the heavy-hitting electric guitar, screams, and wubs. Tech Chase’s take on the track translates that same message and feel through refurbishing the track into a drum and bass unit. 

Where the original ‘The Fallout’ links one large gap between genre and emotion, the Tech Chase remix divides that into two additional gaps. The first being between the futur pop melody, that gets laid over the original vocals, and the manic energy that is brought on with the first drop. Those two create that same emotional to crazed contrast, which we see present in the original version. Tech Chase literally melts brains and fuses feet to the floor with the first half of the song and its crazy DnB drop. After that first sound coupling, we are introduced to the next two. It is again the same loop of vocals to drop, yet is taken to a massively different place than the first. The vocals appear the same as the first build, but as we continue, they turn dark and metallic. That raspy bass and electronic guitar rises from the depths to introduce the second drop. Drop two feels less like drum and bass and more low BPM. There is still that faster-paced ripping that happens in the background, but the prominent sound is lower slower and demonic to match the sound shift that happens in the vocals. The song then closes and gently floats us down into the calm after the storm; gently floating down like ashes from the fires of the apocalypse. That rise into intensity and mania back into a content calm classifies the track as a flash fire:

A track or snippet of a set, that takes you from the mild center of our minds to the dark firey corners that create nightmares, and back, in the blink of an eye. It is a rocket-fueled journey to the world of energetic manic anger and the gentle float back to happy lollipop land.

From the base of an emotion and energy contrast, Tech Chase brings a diversity of sounds to create more of everything along those lines. His ability to use sounds and vocals of the first track, to touch back on the emotion of the original and his ability to develop those emotions with wild new production makes the remix so notable. As always with remixes, we thank the artist who inspired and Tech Chase for being moved to action. We are excited to see what an original looks like here soon!

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