Backtracking into the Dochness archives, we are covering an old release by request. The track released earlier in 2019 and is titled ‘Metamorpheus’. The fun wordplay of the transformation process and staple Matrix character actually permeates into the deeper feeling of the song. The song looks to embody both of these aspects, through the actual production. The meaning is layered and talked on, without a lyric coming out of the track.

Breaking down the two terms will help to shed light on how the track truly takes form, from the title. Starting with Morpheus, we have to look to the film that brings him to life. The Matrix is this crazy mind-bending film that is based around the workings of the mind. The code that is seen throughout the movie is binary (the ones and zeroes). The code is pattern-based and is read to create digitally/electronically. That pattern ideal is the core value that Morpheus brings to the title. Dochness creates the track by continually creating patterns that the ear identifies and then breaks these patterns with new patterns. It is linking two different binary patterns through the same digit, but hearing each path moving separately from the other- until the new pattern takes over. These constant shifts and movements from one phase/pattern to the other bring that evolution process, of metamorphosis. A crazy amount of detail and terminology go into making and developing the track ‘Metamorpheus’. For that Dochness’ track is given the vibecabulary term pencil lead David:

A track that is crafted so delicately and meticulously that seems impossible. Deriving from the idea of sculpting the statue of David into the graphite tip of a pencil. The closer you look at the tip of the pencil, the clearer the detail. 

Thank you to Dochness for having us bring a track that he made pre-addition to the WTV fam. The track is not only a cool listen, but also a cool analyzation. We saw so much when diving into the track, and just let ourselves go down the rabbit hole. 

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