As promised on Monday, we are coming back at you with another Fahjah track this week. Two in one week feels like such a treat. One that will continue to tempt you, as the artist continues weekly releases for the foreseeable future. Fahjah Mondays kick off October 21 and will hopefully help cure some Monday blues. But, back to the matter at hand- ‘WDGAF’s release last Friday!

Speed house strikes again, as it infiltrates the Fahjah production of ‘WDGAF’. As always with the genre, there is the ability to ramp-up the energy of the listener limitlessly. So when coupled with lyrics that speak to a rebellious theme, you get this track that rallies the troops. However, ‘WDGAF’ is not the rally track of the warm-blooded. The vocal styling and cuts feel colder and programmed. The robotic nature is the backdrop to the AI revolution- when robots take over after reaching their limit, ‘WDGAF’ will be on their tongues. The vibecabulary term that best fits this track, is none other than gear greaser:

A track that calls the masses to arms and slingshots their spirits and energy to new heights. Deriving from the effect that spraying some WD-40 on gears, everything runs smoothly and happens fast.

Fahjah brings us some heat two times this week, and we are loving it. ‘WDGAF’ is an uprising for the computer race, that has our flesh tingling. Gears or muscles, this track is fuel to move either way.

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