A New York native, and house music producer, comes up with another substantial collaboration. WTV fam member, Ky William, works to create ‘Warcry’, with artist Jayko Minimal. The song is a weird little trek through time, that brings a shape-morphing trip to the ear. Yes, we said we hear shapes because this track is weird and wild and wonky. 

With another collaboration, we are always looking for the two voices that go in. Here on ‘Warcry’, we hear house genres present that give the track its unique sound style. These are none other than tech and jungle house. The strange and interesting sound, of the track, is the product of balancing the two sub-genres. ‘Warcry’ comes in with the jungle house on the forefront. As a song that is distinguished by prominent percussion, we see the true colors of ‘Warcry’ from the start. The tribal drums, crisp claps, slicing cymbals, and bursts of bass are the single’s framework. Caught in between that infrastructure is all the pepper that adds flavor. That fill work is all the tech/future feel that melds into the DNA of the track. It begins to pollute the image we originally had, like a form of a virus. One that you begin to own and This Jekyll and Hyde nature to the track makes the listen seem so smooth and brief for a track that is 6 minutes long. The ambiguous genre of the track brings an unsettling feel, which is what keeps us so engaged. The WTV Dictionary is always about the nerd terms, and this is clearly another one to add: Venom vibration

a track or listening experience that presents an initial established vibe, but it is corrupted by a foreign parasite. It infiltrates the track and feels symbiotic to your original listening experience. In this track, one genre could not exist without the other. deriving from the parasitic relationship between Venom and Eddie Brock

Ky William yet again proves that he can continually bring a lot to the table through collaboration. He and Kayko clearly bring something different to the table on this track, and that contrast establishes the track’s value. The two really create something strange and satisfying with this one. So congratulations to both artists, and we cannot wait to see what is next for either. 

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