Before we took to covering our second festival as media, there was the pre-party. Our welcome into the city was all thanks to two fam members out of Utah! Friendzone and company got the juices flowing for our weekend, upon our arrival to Nashville. The concert was the first time our duo met their duo in person, as well as, the first time any of us had experienced L27 as a venue. The night was asking to be a night to remember, and as we look back, you will see it how it became just that. 


High atop the Westin hotel lay the L27 venue. This is for sure the highest altitude we have ever seen a show at, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you get off the elevator on the eighty-fourth floor, L27 feels like the place to be. Very high-class and exclusive feelings are to be associated with the rooftop. It just embodies that who’s who vibe, while it housed all types for the Utah duo. The duo could be broken down into three main areas, each with a slightly different vibe and arial view of the city. The first is the indoor lounge area, where one of the bars was. There was a lot of table seating closer to the stage, but the farther toward the entrance you went, the more couches and other furniture there was. Being where the main bar and the path to the elevators ran through, this area had heavy traffic and was always busy. As you move out of the main bar and onto the pool deck, you see the crazy transformation the L27 makes to become a concert venue. A swimming pool is rigged to hold the artists and equipment above and play out to the two floors of bars. Such a crazy concept and one that plays out very successfully. The above-pool stage give a beautiful backdrop of the city behind and the focal point for both of the rooftop bars to experience the music. The pool deck becomes a dancefloor and the covered outdoor furniture becomes the VIP. The pool deck is simple and reimagined to become something so cool. The last area is the highest view of the city. A spiral staircase, off of the dancefloor, takes you up to the overlooking bar area. This area is directly above the lower bar area, so it matches perfectly in size. Unlike the lower bar, the upper area is better lit, the cooler temperature, outdoors, and has a slightly smaller bar. The furniture upstairs is more casual and less restaurant-like, so it feels way more casual. It is a nice contrast to the lower level, while still embodying the exclusive feel of the venue. The L27 rounds out to be crazy cool and crazy unique. With tiers of bars, music suspended over a pool, and bird’s-eye city views to backdrop the venue exceeded expectations. 


Friendzone: The WTV fam duo showed us an amazing time, the entire time they were on stage. From our first talks with them, they advertise themselves as able to bring the party anywhere they go. This promise was delivered on more than we could’ve expected. These two play their hearts out on stage and are smiling no matter what happens. The two of them feed off of each other so well and compliment the set with aspects of their individual personalities. Whether it be Hayden bringing the crowd into the set on the mic and dancing around the stage, or Jesse being so immersed in the music they chose to play and have made themselves, the two bring a party that invites everyone. Their set, their friends, and their management create that “friend zone” that the duo adopts the crowd into. 

Done Well & Needs Work

The venue was dream-like, the headliner was crazy fun, and it was all in a city far from home. All of these stacks to make our first night in Tenessee worth the trek, and that is THE Done-Well. We also should mention that the bathrooms rocked, since we always comment on them. They were eerily quite though.

With a strong night, we saw only one downside which was the opening acts, that we saw. We did not catch names, nor did we feel that they were the proper build to Friendzone. The sets felt very different from each other and then even from Friendzone. We had time to get drinks and now be glued to the stage during these sets, so I guess we have that to thank for our level of intoxication that night and detail in this post. 

L27 and Friendzone were all of the energy we needed after a six-hour car ride. Not only was it a blast to see the energetic and party-loving duo perform; it was amazing to have the opportunity to meet the fam members in person. Jesse, Hayden, and their manager, Ali, were crucial parts of the memorable nature of our weekend. We have them to thank for the invite, the exceptional experience, and being familiar faces all weekend at Breakaway- Nashville. So a huge thank you to them for having us out and being such amazing WTV fam members. 

Until next time.


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