Entertainment always loves to take and put us in someone else’s shoes. Experiencing stories and lives of others is almost always the subject of the media we consume. We get this experience with the latest Fahjah release, ‘Back Of The Room’. On this track, we begin to experience a dark and unlikely perspective. The sampled voice and low bouncy production create a character that is ominous and driven- the eyes in the shadows. 

This song is all about the darkness and the build. It feels like premeditation and the thrill of making plans come to fruition. The lyrics “I saw you from the back of the room, I thought we should meet” scream creepy but suave. The track has this devilish sexiness to it, which makes it so enticing and deep. Being a house track, it has strong developing bass that also hints at a drum-and-bass vibe. The track is well-paced, forceful, and delivers an energy level consistent with the image it paints. The track has us living that moment where we lurk in the shadows of a club, stalking our chosen prey and then executing the well-devised plan to nab them. Though it may sound a little strange to experience; there is something fun and freeing about being the bad guy. From that, we get the WTV dictionary definition for rotten shoes:

A listening experience that brings out darkness and grime and evilness in the most freeing and satisfying ways. Bringing a high from the devil inside us all. 

Fahjah creates a hugely different vibe on ‘Back Of The Room’, and yet again brings something new to his listeners. His heavy release schedule mixing with the different sounds each single brings is showing so many sides of Fahjah all at once. It is so fun and refreshing to see so many sounds developed from the same mind- and all so quickly. It is like sunlight hitting a prism- we are seeing so many parts, of one thing, all at once. We are just excited to see what side is next.

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