Dochness returns to us with his release of ‘Bern Bish’. The song is another trip through the cobwebbed corners of our own mind. The bass-trance sound and flow of his tracks, especially ‘Bern Bish’, take us to the less explored, yet fully existent, sectors of our brain. This single, in particular, seems to play into our ears and then ooze out as purple magma. Magma which seems to bend around us and blur our vision. 

A track comprised of sounds that are relatively unchanging manages to create a lot of diversity within. This variation and gelatinous feel to the dark track is due to pacing and pitch control. Dochness is constantly distorting the original sounds he introduces to paint them in different shades. That variation gives this continuous flow of push and pulls, dripping and dropping, just pour the sliminess of the creepy track over us. The bass coats us and makes unclear everything we thought we were experiencing. This is articulated by the same rise and fall effect emerging in the speed of the track. ‘Bern Bish’ introduces motion on each plane of the track- the whole sound is developing in 3D in our ears. It is from there that we really experience that truly trance experience, and also the vibecbulary term XYZ boat ride:

A listening experience that has constant sound motion, so much to inspire sea sickness. The term comes from the idea that the track moves constantly along the X. Y, and Z axis with constant positive to negative change (like a boat rising and falling)

Dochness creates another track to get lost in, with ‘Bern Bish’. His trancework is disorienting and really weighted, and we love to see this continue through his releases. We are always excited to see where he plans to take us next, in our minds.

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