The queen is back again, and this time, releasing on a new label. Nostalgix comes in with a release on AC Slaters Night Bass. To make matters better, it is not one but THREE tracks under the EP title OG Sins. Nostalgix produces three edgy house works on the EP, each bringing a twist on the word gangsta. OG Sins put together feels like the exploration of the organized crime of the world. Using house music to showcase sounds that cheat their way into our ears, steal our minds, and kill the house music game. Through alteration, Nostalgix gives each song its own culture while keeping the base of robust bass-driven house. 

‘Heist’ is our first dip into the satisfaction of being bad. This track continually hosts the lyrics “Got a bounty on my head; Most Wanted”, to really streamline the criminal credit we hold. Where the lyrics establish credibility, the title tells us the crime we specialize in: takin’ shit. The deep production and the frictioned feel of the sliding rhythm paint asphalt and rubber. Coming together with cooler tones and dynamic drops we get this thrilling feel of grand theft on the street of Miami. The sun is hot and sweat drips as adrenalin builds before we go in for the wild get-away along the winding shores. It feels so fast and gripping, with the constant rumble of the dirty nature of our deeds. There are trap stylings that really help to sell that ground-crime “gangsta” feel.

Spin the globe and put us on the other side of the world; ‘Bad For Me’ is a heavy metro, whispy, and techy track. The production style creates a lot of voids in sound to be slowly filled and reopened. The track feels cool and drafty, like an A/Ced night club. That with the tech aspects and siren-like voice bring this neon Tokyo feel. Just as in the first track, ‘Bad For Me’ is given the criminal plot by the booming bassline. This track stays more confined and explodes less, which makes the crimes feel smaller in size but larger in number. Each build distributes that high and low/ loud and soft, which matches with being a part of the drug operation panning out in the corrupt club. We are apart of the operation, watching the trades and uses, experiencing the dirty yet sophisticated crime of distribution. It may be illegal, but it makes us happy in the track. 

‘O.G. Sin’ is the embodiment of being a don. The track is big and full of swag. There is no trying to hide the energy or deny the fun of the track. Golden and corrupt, but undeniably shiny and successful. This track paints images of a country run by crime. Every tax is funding Bugattis that we drift through the streets, flicking-off peasants. The track boasts of success regardless of the fact that we cheated to get it; there is nothing anyone can do because we run the world they live in.  It is so terrible when you really think about it, but it feels great to be the elite of this fantasy the track creates. Being on top brings a level of carefree bliss, which is billboarded by the track. 

Nostalgix lets us know you cannot spell listen, without S, I, or N. She takes us through some highly energetic and fund bass tracks to inspire the devil on our shoulders. She paints such fun pictures with not only production but also track titles and lyrics. It all pieces together to catch us red-handed in all types of crime. Like any criminal, we return to the scene of these tracks to relive them again and again. Congrats to Nostalgix on a strong release, on another big-time label.

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