Bassani’s bassy house is back in action this week. We get his latest track, ‘Syndicate’, from his latest EP. An EP which is the original Bassani track, that we are be talking about here, as well as two remixes of the track: one from FKNSTLL and one from Truant.. Be sure to give those a listen as well; they made the track more than just a single release for Bassani and reimagine the deep bass track two new ways.

The low end is the magic of ‘Syndicate’. This track is the crazy expansion below the surface sounds we are used to. Bassani is pouring miracle grow into the roots of this track, and we see them grow through the entire track. This is where the track grabs traction and footing, developing so much before even coming close to breaking the surface. We feel this low-end expansion as well as root diversity, with different bass sounds and the constant rattle and muffled hi-hat- which orchestrate the friction of dirt against the growing bass roots. For over half the track, we see the track extend and ground itself in our minds and chests. It is after about three and a half minutes that the track is able to burst out through the surface and bloom this sturdy gray-rosed bush. The final drop brings to life this soulless, yet beautiful, plant. It sits and steals the sunlight, to create a constant shade around it. Continuously developing below the ground, while above the ground it simply sways in the wind. Never growing colors or being the spectacle of the garden. From this idea comes the WTV Dictionary term gray rose:

A track that holds beauty without being flashy- it draws the ear to become entranced by stability and the seemingly dull- yet even within the color gray, there are a million shades to discover and draw the eye into

Bassani makes a statement with the drawing nature of bass, with ‘Syndicate’. This is a track that is true to the nature of the dismal. It feels bleak and somewhat clouded, yet still expands constantly. The track did not need crazy bursts of sound or energy to continue- it maintains the clouds and simply fills them with rain. A dark track that is not demonic; a unique feature in the current EDM scene. 

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