MVSE comes out of the WTV woodwork with a track that brings us that full-circle feel, that we love to see. He works with vocalist Luma to create a very creamy smooth listen, that spikes for moments into something quite the opposite. ‘Mercy’ is a track that bleeds sentimental passion, which goes on to overgrow into something twisted yet rooted in emotion. The very emotional and euphoric feel that the track brings is fortified by the evolutionary aspect of the track: moving from the natural to the artificial and back.

We are lifted into the track, by the breeze sound clip and naturally airy vocals. The production initially feels very clean and simple. There is not a crazy amount of vocal edits or wild sound clips. The track feels pure and innocent. As the ecstasy builds, we see the evolution of the soundscape change to encourage growth past the original sound of the song. We hear little bits of the darker and more intense undertone, that visits the song later, in the first drop. The second build drags sounds from the first drop into the second build. Evolving the evolution to more produced and shadowing the purity initially held. The production takes over for the crazy second drop that introduces the dubby feel that is so opposite to the first moments. Moments that are not out of mind long, as we hear that purity fight back with the synthetic cuts, original vocals, and euphoric builds. The song is then a compilation of sound and overcompensates the ecstasy feel. Really banishing the craziness of the second drop, and gently devolving into the initial purity. It explodes with that euphoria in order to return to the peaceful intro. ‘Mercy’’s story arc is best defined by the vibecabulary term flower fission:

A track that is peaceful and beautiful, and when introduced to a threat to such peace, exploding decimating everything with exposure to overloaded vibes of wonder- and through extinguishing everything but light brings back the peace. Like an atomic bomb, but made of flower atoms. 

MVSE starts and ends with an amazing feel on this track. He was able to use the right build of energy, production, and volume to develop a story really strongly- around notable female vocals. A solid return to the page for MVSE, and we hope to see him again soon.

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