After a short hiatus from production, Sara Benyo is back and bringing her all to her craft once again. Her release break seems to have been a period of growth, both in self and brand, that shows very well in ‘Midnight Drive’. The track is a demonstration of the sound she can produce naturally and mechanically. Not only a testament to her ability to create, but also her ability to match. As you will see through our discussion and hear through your own listen, Sara Benyo is really showing off self-awareness by matching her two productional talents. 

‘Midnight Drive’ sets out to be very breezy, warm, and something everyone loves- just like a windows down night drive. The song carries out the promise and theme, by using a very 8-bit happy build sequence, underlaid energy building claps, and airy vocals that transition into a lengthened synthesized breakdown which features produced brassy vocals. Sara uses her voice two very different ways on the track; narratively and instrumentally. She is able to use her singing to focus us on what pops in the track. Her story and build are brought by the very airy and conversational beginning, where the break downs the voice actually becomes an instrument that develops the deep happiness the drops create. She uses her talents equally on the track, and really seems to be learning what her voice and production can do for one another. She brings to life the vibecabulary term sing-sang

A term developed from the yin-yang balance; where the development of vocals and production are balanced to complement each other, and form the greater whole of the track. The singing is in the production and the production is in the singing. 

We are hoping this ride brings Sara back into our ears, with more releases to come. This is without a doubt a track to be proud of, and hopefully the first domino in the continuation of growth. It excites us to see her back after Shades Of Gold and excited us for what is to come.

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