Throw away your Ouija boards and stop saying names three times in a dark room! There is only one thing you need to conjure up a spirit this Halloween, and it comes from the WTV fam. SICKISH supplies the blood-curdling journey of bringing a not so friendly ghost into your world. Premonitions spin from the production and become flesh with the heavy-bodied bass. ‘The Haunting’ is the soundtrack to your much-needed encounter with the not-so-dead this Hallows Eve. 

The track opens with a melody fit for a demon-baby mobile. It is that high curling tone that seems to welcome the unholy. The track then drops into the come up, or what we hear as the summoning. It is this big build and raise into the cold welcoming arms of the phantom we beckoned for. Hearing the inaudible voice, we realize we have brought something about. The first drop is the attempt of whatever it is to break through the barrier between its world and ours. We feel the bass and hear the melody, but it does not seem to fully take effect. No harm falls on us, but it is clear something is trying to get to us. Like any good horror movie character, we just shut it down and try to act like nothing ever happened. We see this as the song drops out into silence. Of course, nothing is simply gone and forgotten, as the goosebump-jingle rises back into our ears. We feel the rise of darkness again, we hope it is nothing, we think it is nothing as the bass drops out, we are horribly mistaken. Our conjured spirit takes shape and becomes clear vocally and physically. The vocal recalling what we said about “ruling in hell” cracks our fragile mortal frame, and has us whimpering in agony. Our reckoning has come, and the second drop is just the gory part of the horror movie- where we try to run from the inevitable. The second drop is what Where’s The Vibe defines as the trap monster-house:

A term that refers to the animated film Monster House. A house that literally comes to life to haunt and eat those who bother it- well imagine that but in a trap house. A track that is defined as such, is the imagery you just sewed together with you imagination

SICKISH gives us a way to celebrate Halloween even when writing, for today. His track, ‘The Haunting’, brings something so new to the trap music sound we are used to. His leveling and mastering grips the ear a whole different way, yet still tells a story with the trap roots at heart. Crazy music coming from a crazy-ass dude- it only makes sense. 

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