We get to cuts of the same track, with Entel’s latest release. With production that provides an effortless listen, his Radio Edit simply feels like an appetizer. We do not see how anyone would want to take the shorter side of ‘Levitate’. His tracks scream intellectual and experimental; they provoke thought and the joy of getting lost in it. ‘Levitate’ is the guiding groove of a good brainstorm, where you let the mind free. 

When you track an idea, it always starts small. It builds and gains personality. It continues to move and develop always with the original at the base. It prunes itself in order to take shape and grow into the big picture. Filling in the space with details and intricacies. That process was not only put into action in making ‘Levitate’, but also is the listening experience it evokes. We hear that house staple that carries the whole track: the initial idea. Then we take flight and begin effortlessly gliding through the catacombs of the mind- pulling in concepts we remember, creating ones never heard of, and welding them together to form the solid idea that we let drift off into the world, at the end of the track. The track is so glossy and uninterrupted; nothing can affect the flow. The force of the flowing track bookmarks it as the vibecabulary term lava river:

A listening experience that feels formless and peaceful, yet cannot be disrupted. It has the flow of a river while having the ability to ignore interruption like flaming hot lava.

Entel crafts another strong track that feels so new. His style is something we are learning to identify more, but is what keeps his brand so unique. We are excited to continue to see his “smart-house” continue to grow- similar to the plot of ‘Levitate’.

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