Fahjah brings us another all-new title to distract from the misery of Monday. His consistent release schedule mixed with his demonstrated variation, over the past couple, left us up in the air on what was coming next. We are happy to see that ‘Body Rock’ brings the beat back fast and furious. Fahjah utilizes that Speed House production and mixes it with very pop-club vocals and vibes, in creating this track. It is triple-brew-caffeine-overcharged fuel for the week ahead. 

We take off running as the track bursts in with the hoppin’ base to the track. The bouncy intro builds into the true colors of the track. We get this very fun and typical club vocal that serve as a universal hype inducer. He brings the party out in all of our hearts, by induces movement in our bodies. The whole feel of the song is defined in the WTV Dictionary by cracked-out calisthenics

Music that posses a wild amount of energy, and gives that tag line that is encouraging, instructional, and coaching. It is the best version of the type of tracks that fill middle-aged moms cycle classes- shot up with some heavy stimulants.

Fahjah delivers yet again, to continue building the Monday money. ‘Body Rock’ will keep us rocking, until next Monday comes knocking. 

Until next time.


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