Dochness rolled up another single back in October, fitting titled ‘Blunt Walk’. The track continues with the artist’s abstract minimalist production, which is altering and at the same time weaves thick plot lines. The song heavily elaborates on the imagery that the song’s cover art and title present, as the first impression.

When it comes to anything, you can pass moderation and really make a mistake. However, sometimes when you go too far you learn a crucial lesson. This track is what every person who crossed the line blowing-down has gone through. ‘Blunt Walk’ is the culmination of all of the emotions and phases of being too high- making the blunt walk to long. The choppy rhythmic overtone production on top of the wavy lo-fi line is really the contrast of relaxation and paranoia. The two end of the spectrum, experience when indulging in the devil’s lettuce, are both audibly present on the track, and are the mediums Dochness uses to create his wonky style. We hear this very smooth and slow line that floats by the whole track, but anxiety-inspiring sound clips arranged in jarring rhythms to cut any relaxation short. The back and forth is the tale old trauma of being in the stratosphere, versus on cloud 9. For anyone who has smoked, it will bring back funny memories. For those who have not, this track orchestrates the feeling almost to a tee. Whether you remember it or just learned about it, the WTV Dictionary calls it puff-puff paranoia:

The act of smoking too much marijuana and relaxing your body to the physical-state of a teddy-bear, but your mind to the paranoid state of a schizophrenic. Your mind and your body are riding on two different waves, and they only cross so often- until you come back down. 

Dochness kills it with a clear story, on ‘Blunt Walk’. This track especially demonstrates the importance of sound choice and arrangement. Even further, it shows how the proper utilization and track branding can really craft a plot-line with no lyrics or words. We hope to continue to see these wordless-novels come to life.

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