We don’t know if we need to move into directing music videos for our WTV fam or if they are producers that just need to take up screenwriting as well; but the more we listen the more we see in our own minds. Our inspiration today comes from Olektronyx’s latest drop, ‘Drop It’. This track is sopping wet with fat trap bass production, which is greased up with the manic clangorous breaks. It evokes a feeling of cleansing chaos; it is from there the story is born. 

‘Drop It’ is this crazy mash-up of wild sound and changing pace. Both aspects cycle through the track, along with the “drop it.. I like the way you drop it” vocal. The repetition, mechanical soundscape, wavy tone fluctuation, and adventurous/quest feel are what stood out to us in the listen. It is what puts us into the shoes of a rogue toy, who accidentally ends up in the washing machine. Through the build, we hear this climb of trying to escape the metal death trap. All the while, mom is dropping clothes making the climb harder and harder. She gets the whole load in, as the song begins to chop before the drop. The cycle has started and water pours in. Then as the drop comes, so does the spin cycle. It is this whirling disorienting spin of sound and color, our toy is lost in. Metal buttons, cloth, loose change, toy-brethren, and other lost pocket items scrape the sides of the washer creating the wild sounds and rhythms present in ‘Drop It’. The imagery is so fun and fitting, and brings us to the vibecabulary term slosh splosh b’gosh

A play on the Osh Kosh B’Gosh name, but adapted to tracks that take us on a wild ride that soaks us with the wettest version of their brand. Tracks that have flow and seep into us like a sponge as we listen. 

Olektronyx created such fun imagery for us on this song. In that fun, however, there is still intensity and pressure. ‘Drop It’ became such a great listen and write for us because the fun constantly filling our brains and the activating nature of Olektronyx production. If we see this music video come to life though- we will be expecting our check. 

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