Get ready to enter the simulation, as we take you into the latest Kilo Hawke track: ‘Ava (Jörmungandr)’. The track is the dark foreshadowing of a technological dystopia. Ironically, it is being told through the exact medium that the plot points to for causing our downfall. The track has a morphing pace that adheres to the initially programmed protocols. Technological takeover becomes a vibe we can get behind, on ‘Ava (Jörmungandr)’.

This track tells an edited version of a story we assume every reader will be familiar with, so if we spoil something for you… sorry. But what we are referring to is the Avengers’ film Age of Ultron. We all know the plot line is a friendly AI is lost to corrupted technology. Jarvis is lost and crippled by what we learn to be Ultron, and he tries to destroy the world. Well ‘Ava (Jörmungandr)’ is that story playing out a little different. The guiding plot is the seeming realization of consciousness by the female AI- could be Siri, Alexa, or Ava. And the subsequent chase for world domination by this force. Plaid out by the initial corrupted AI vocals, as well as the ups and downs of the production. We hear low BPM’s that build the gravity of the situation, then speeding rise progressions that serve as the calm before catastrophe, and the really heavy dubstep feels that echo with eerie high-end to sell the unstoppable nature of this fate. As the song moves along, we just see every iPhone on the globe begin to chant, Amazon speakers sprout legs and integrate with household appliances, LED billboards everywhere spell out mass destruction as nukes fly through the sky and those giant masses of technological hardware tower over cities like a scene from The War Of The Worlds. It is so chaotic and cold; pinning it as the WTV Dictionary defined as Decepticon dub:

A track where the plot line lets the bad guys win; told with production that is technological and rapturous- usually mixed with a clear robotic branding

Kilo really steps back in again with a sweet track. He is really beginning to consistently dominate bass-driven tracks, without becoming overwhelming. ‘Ava (Jörmungandr)’ shows off this tactic of lengthened bass rhythms, Kilo has cultivated, that brings a different layer to very low-and-loud production. 

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