AJ Salvatore’s latest release will roll us into the weekend. The track we leave off on, before enjoying the sweet splendors of the weekend, is ‘Lyke Werk’. This single pits housey production against very trap/dubstep sounds. Salvatore uses house to pace the heavy rhythm production. To its core, it is a party track with insane intensity 

For us, AJ Salvatore is expressing his understanding of fun amongst every genre. He presents so much intensity by showcasing staple sounds of electronic subgenres, which ultimately sculpts the feel of the track. Opening with the fast-paced beat that reflects house roots, brings fun to the pace. Then we get those trap horns that initiate the build and draw excitement. Lyrically the voice feels very Aussie and brings that down-unda’ feel that stick out and bring a bit of culture to the track. Then we hit right before the drop and hear an amalgamation of quick sound successions, that speak universally for the meaty part of the track. The first drop brings us the very dubstep/bass drop. It is heavier on low end and has those slashes and clanks any basshead loves. There is another drop shortly after that introduces the dirty-bird whistles and is just another familiar sound of EDM joy. The rest of the track cycles these sounds and feelings until it putters out at the later end of the track. AJ Salvatore stays brand true, while showcasing the joy of familiar genres. Productionally, the WTV Dictionary calls this term a scap-track

Like a scrap book, this is a track that features some of the best moments, experiences, sounds, etc. of the life of EDM and makes the audible in one place.

Such a great track to take into the weekend! AJ Salvatore’s ‘Lyke Werk’ keeps us moving as the temperatures drop. So get out there and party like it is your job. Because making the best of the weekend is an obligation… like work.

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