Fahjah jump starts the week yet again, with a little Middle Eastern spice. His track brings very aromatic and sandy vibes to the thumping house music he makes. ‘Savages’ is a fast-paced club track that brings a very tanned tone to our ears. It moves quickly and sporadically like the Arabian sand storms it takes inspiration from.

Fahjah is on a crusade to show that he can infuse any culture, sound, or vibe into a track. Not only creating songs from or for a certain feeling but staying true to his sound. We have seen that over the past weeks, and we see yet another side on ‘Savages’. He brings so much of his production style and sound into the track, but through placement and perception, it brings us into the reimagined magic carpet ride from Disney’s Aladdin. The song uses the chant, background melodic wailing, and percussive hits to introduce the lense. Then through that, we see the very energetic chaos that is the party production of Fahjah. Energy has consistently been his partner in crime, with strong bass to build that all up. His house brand has really established form, and now we just get to really enjoy the background of each track. ‘Savages’ is filled with imagery and heat due to the simple adaptation of sound clips and some percussive-sound choices. The songs ability to take us to the sandy sections of the world sparks the vibecabulary term cranking curry:

A track that continually produces heat and flavor like that of curry in a Middle Eastern dish

Fahjah is such an exciting artist to listen too. Week after week we are seeing something new, but not out of range of the last creation. His paced and consistent building of an EP has been not only methodical but eye-opening for the listeners. Constantly creating more and more excitement, while there is always still some left. Congrats on another strong addition, and on really keeping us ready and willing to write about you each week. 

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