Get the goats and the chicken bones, we are about to take a dive into the blackness of the bayou. WTV fam KAINEO joins forces with Rederick to give us the demented news story all about the ancient art of VooDoo. The track entitled ‘VooDoo Chief’ is an amazingly clean listen that introduces sound stacking to spark to life the shadows of the Mississippi Valley.

The two artists on this track do two amazingly noteworthy things. Both attributes that define the track, oddly enough, oppose one another. We hear as we listen this crystal clear presentation of each sound, yet there is a striking overpopulation of sound as well. There is so much happening at any given moment, and somehow we hear every sound. We hear the clashes, the rings, the vocals, and of course the wobbling bass. The cutting and jarring nature of the sound introduction, makes it feel so creepy and vision like. How it listens would visually match up to the opening of American Horror Story. It is that guided yet jittered vision of evil and darkness, portrayed to the ear. The obvious dark voodoo ties bring together the WTV Dictionary term Legba lullaby:

A track calls evil to the door-step to make a deal; we call the darknesses right-hand man Papa Legba to show us his strange ways 

KAINEO and Rederick bring a crazy story together. By balancing crowded and cluttered, they flash so many different dark feelings through us rapidly. We see each so clearly because of the mastering and staggering abilities both artists came to possess. We hope this is the first of many dark cultures they work together to orchestrate. ‘VooDoo Chief’ has us excited to see more work in any capacity from either, without a doubt.

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