Last week Wednesday, we took to a fresh new rearrange of the venue Trism. The first concert in quite some time at Trism. Unlike the venue though, the artists and event company were no strangers to us. We had the pleasure of working with Prime Social Group once again; it is thanks to them that we were out to see Dom Dolla and Sonny Fodera (and the oh so familiar local support). The night was another awesome experience and one that was set up extremely well, in regard to both logistics and overall flow. 


Trism with an all-new twist. The venue now offers more space and dynamics, than at any time in the past. Of course, the staple wall of windows, simple shape, and tiered wooden stands remain; however, they took out the unnecessary clutter as well as made improvements to the stage and seating. Rather than having the weird tiered square-step sculptures take up the front entrance of the club, they now left it open. Trading that seating in some simple faux leather couches in that area, as well as right in front of the stage (on either side). Trism has utilized space a lot better, especially for those who want to dance. Other than spacing, other notable changes include a moved smoking area and a simpler stage setup, with upgraded visuals. Smokers now are out to the side of the club, along the glassdoors, to cut down on the front of the house clutter. It seemed to work, but may pose issues at a concert that is more packed. The stage was an undeniable home run all around. They cut back on how far it comes out, which again helps the spacing. The spectacle of the venue is now the beautiful LED screen and amped-up sound. These two additions excite us beyond belief, to continue to see shows at Trism. The sound and visual quality are so strong and really provided a heightened concert experience. 


Christian Bistany: This set felt more like a home than a house. Christian currated a very inviting set that was developed by the music. It felt more intimate and technical to the house genre, and was a really solid start to the night. We love to see the originals pop into his mix. By using vocal tracks less, he showcased his dedication to the Tech House intricacies. 

GVNR: A set that balanced well with the former. GVNR ramped up energy with more vocals and bass, while still adhering to the house structure. He was playing a lot of familiar tunes that got the crowd singing. His set was extended, for quite some time, but he was able to balance out the growing energy and then maintain it until the next act. 

Dom Dolla: Returning to the low vocal use, Dom Dolla brought a set that was very low-end focused. His tracks and transitions felt very Euro house, which was the grit of his set. He was able to integrate some nice vocal clips but kept to the down low bounce of house. A vibe that reflected into the very realistic and blueprint visuals, what his set featured.

Sonny Fodera: Bouncing back to the heavy vocal use and high energy. Sonny Fodera brought the house music that screams party. His set was electric, smooth, and had a lot of wavy movement. Creating ups and downs within tracks and transitions really made the set pop. Visually he was able to use vibrant colors and defined shapes and emulate the same emotion his set gave musically. 

Dom Dolla b2b Sonny Fodera: Both headliners came back onto the stage and balanced their house sets. We got tastes of that deeper Euro house that Dom originally brought, and then the very mainstream party house the Sonny brought. The two then bled into one another, until we really came to this shifting shade of gray. Their b2b settled into the bass ear but was defined by midline inserts and those energetic top lines. It was really a cool set to see come together, especially after given the opportunity to see both artists separate. 

Done Wells and Needs Work

The improvements and the artist-to-artist contrast and flow stand out as the positive highlights of the night. To see two local WTV fam artists play next to each other, and then see two big label artists do the same with the same transition was a moment of pride as well as amazement. And to see it happen with the amazing new backdrop while hearing it clearer than ever- there is not much more two guys could ask for. It all felt like a super cool reveal, which we for sure not expecting. 

The night was really solid and built a lot of excitement to continue to go to Trism. Nothing that the venue did made the night worse, however, we were disappointed with how the bigger artists arrived. GVNR was killing it through all of this, so huge shout out to our fam before we issue the complaint. Really it is less of a complaint and more of a “do better”. But the team that was setting up for Dom Dolla & Sonny Fodera could not seem to adjust without cutting the sound out during GVNR’s set, which we felt was rude. After messing with the soundboard during the set, the set was lengthened a ton because Dom Dolla was late. The timing of the sound adjustments and the timeliness of the headliner just sat a little off with us. Nothing that ruined the night, just something we felt could have been tightened up. 

This was a really great night for us. Getting to work with PSG, seeing the new Trism, being present for the WTV fam, Dom Dolla, and Sonny Fodera as the put on amazing sets, and enjoying it with our friends really bookmarked the day. We hope that Trism keeps hosting shows because that was such a great takeaway from the night. As always thank the artists, PSG, and all the fans for making the event possible.

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