ACHILLES latest track, ‘King’, is one of the hardest flexes around. His collaboration with the insane lyrics and style of Grizz2Goofy forms this swagger-ridden smoothie of dubstep and rap. The voice style matches so well to ACHILLES and is a very good sell to both artist’s genres. ‘King’ has that irresistible feel. It is, of course, a track for the headbangers, but really has this universal hype. 

So this song can be broken down into a few phases: the flex, the defend, the party, and the tingle. The flex and the party are fully lead by the Grizz2Goofy lyrics. We focus on the vocals for both, as we build the vibe and the energy. Grizz2Goofy pressure washes us with swag and confidence, with some awesome lyrics that he frosts over some juicy production. The lyrics of the first drop (the flex) are just letting everyone know nothing is going to bring us down. We are the king and we are here for it. Where the second lyrical break (the party) is just enjoying the splendors of being right. Knowing that we are the shit, that we know how to party, and everyone gonna love it- even if they wanna hate it. Where those builds lead is where the other half of the track is. The drops are all ACHILLES and all the beautiful hard chaos associated with him. Our first drop (the defend) falls after the flexing lyrics of the first verse. This intense drop is just the battle and asserting of dominance. It is where we back up all the lyrical bragging. It is intense and gritty, and it leaves us on top to move into the partying second verse. After which we come into the second hard section (the tingle). This section is already high energy and feels like ACHILLES may just recycle the first drop with slight change- since it was so good. Instead, he absolutely shocks us with this spine-wringing switch up. He cuts the drop and rises it from the dirt to just throw it down harder than before. This effect is the vibecabulary word foot phantom:

A term that can also be referred to as fart phantom, is the phenomenon when a song creates a moment that evokes a spirit (either from your feet or out your ass) that winds up your entire body- inducing a chill that is paranormal and dimension altering. Similar to the one you get during a good pee- but better.

This track shines for ACHILLES. ‘King’ is a great utilization of a great rapper (Grizz2Goofy), as well as a showcase for ACHILLES brand-awareness. He knows his sound, he knows how to make it, and makes the right choices to continually enhance it. We are excited to get writing for his next release soon!

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