Something must be in the air because the WTV fam seems to be mounting similar vibes, as of late. We feel this very devious theme persisting across genres; tracks feel darker and yet still so satisfying and captivating. Bassani joins the list with his latest release, ‘Lavish’. He brings the devilishly criminal feel to his sound, which clearly is written in the stars after listening. Bassani’s deep-down house production already invites the shadows of the nights of crime-ridden streets; then his vocal choice just brings the untouchable floss of status. The track is hardened, in your face, and has that street flare. 

The Bassani model is a sealed tight formula for bringing any vibe to light, however, the darker and grimier really brings it out. His house root and dedication to wonky bass is the soul of every beat. ‘Lavish’ showcases that upfront, and then fades it out to focus vocals. We get a different taste of the rhythm and mid-level that he can play with during the vocals. Yet when the two synthesize, we see the tie and bring the energy to the table. His breaks in this track seem to almost gargle, which then brings out that little high tweet. Those little snips and subtleties bring another edge to the track. Sounds like that are so unique and defined in the WTV Dictionary as lost crickets:

Something high tone sound that if easy to hear yet hard to track. It comes into the ear, and as soon as you begin looking for it- you lose it in another sound on the track. But it always keeps coming back. Deriving from losing a cricket in your house, except without any from of being a pest. 

Bassani’s g-house falls into the dark and dangerous vibe pattern we’ve seen, and we are so glad to see. His down-low production mixed with an untouchable vibe bring together such a boss track, on ‘Lavish’. We are happy to have another genre, artist, and sound to keep bringing the same vibe. A vibe that will end us up with mugshots if we keep playing it.

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