Sorry, we messed with your Monday vibe, but we still have Fahjah in the first half of the week. This one we have been itching to write about though because we can not get it out of our heads. ‘Yatra’ is an absolute ear worm that has latched so tightly to the base of our brains. The undeniable reason for it’s unforgettable nature is that crazy chant. It is the draw and the largest takeaway from the track for sure. By no means, however, is it all Fahjah has to offer with ‘Yatra’.

Speed house is the name of the game, but this time it is all about ratio control. Fahjah introduces the track in deconstructed ways throughout, in order to really draw the ear, while also showing all that is happening in the most exciting moments of the track. Starting with a house bass line, that has become so on-brand, then moving into the high-end vocal and elemental sound focus, which builds into the mid-line sputter that rattles the brain and builds into the culmination of all parts on the breaks. These breaks have absurd sputter, which moves into deep bounce. The song is a big pattern of introducing changing rhythm through different levels of the track, and then overlapping them to brings the lines that we will never forget. ‘Yatra’ is such a festival track. We want to be losing it to this while chanting that unforgettable, yet misunderstood “gimgateh den jee” chant. Because of our desire to see this make it to the big stage, we dub this track the vibecabulary term a save Ferris:

This is a track that everyone can get behind and takes a stand to get it to where it needs to be- it derives from the kids’ rally to “save Ferris”  in Ferris Bueller’s day off. They love him and are doing whatever to support the ever loved Ferris Bueller- these songs are our Ferris

‘Yatra’ is a track that will not be forgotten soon. Not that any track is, but this one has us humming that unforgettable vocal in our sleep. Another great heading for the week. Another great addition to the release pool, for Fahjah.

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